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Gallery :: Dr Who

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Dr WhoDr Who Pic 01

This is me starting on the lovely Jen. With my mrs peace makeup, none of it was appliances just outline and shading. She was so funny and a pleasure to do.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 02

I’m starting to shade the cheek bones and get a rough outline.
I was using skin illustrator pallets, not cheap but, very effective.
That’s Lyn and Sarah in the background getting through the other cast members.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 03

This is the rough shape of the design.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 04

Here, I added her temple, nose and neck.
Jen's had her hair put in a tidy cap ready for her dressed wig.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 05

The same again but, eye sockets put in and some lighter highlights applied to the cheek bones and temples.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 06

I have, at this point, airbrushed some large vains on Jen's face and hands.
Then gone in with small red ones. She wound fit her own contact lenses.
Although I do look like I,m poking her eye out here!!
Wig on with some little touches with the airbrush again and she was done.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 07

Here the pair of them finished.
A fine job from Lyn on her chap.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 08

Just another background zombie. Some of them looked dead already. Ha HA !

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 09

Alan Davies. I laughed from the moment he came in till he left.
Agreat guy and I hope I get to work with him again.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 10

Me doing touch-ups on Billie. In my girly mode. It's not me anymore.
Rather just do fx but, needs must and so I bite the bullet.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 11

Don’t know who looks worse. Probably me on those hours.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 12

The blue man. So called because of the swearing, while trying to get that makeup pax off his face!!
There is something very funny about a posh act scent swearing that makes my side split with laughter.
I was disappointed with this make up as I new what I could do if I would have been given the time to sculpt and run something. It was last minuet so a small gel piece and pax was used (pax - mixture of acrylic paint and medical adhesive).

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 13

In all her glory among all the supporting artists.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 14

Final touches before the shoot.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 15

The steward as he really called it.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 16

Again, felt like it should have been a big makeup. We were all running out of time and no prep.
We all just did the best we could.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 17

At my finest hour. I was touched the Welsh went to the trouble of naming a train after me.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 18

Jen before my makeup assaults.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 19

The Controller. Some subtle airbrushing and hair work by steve Williams.
Shame they lit it so you needn’t have bothered. Hay ho!

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 20

Before and with test lenses.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 21

Test hair to place wires in.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 22

On set and connected up by props with her hellraiser-ish costume on.

Dr WhoDr Who Pic 23

On set and connected up by props with her hellraiser-ish costume on.

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